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Hiiiiiii! I'm Dorey & I help radical free-thinking music, lifestyle, restaurant, wedding, & travel industry businesses + individuals look AMAZING both online & in print. 

Combining graphic design, photography, & mixed media art, I turn dreamy ideas into visual realities, creating valuable impressions that last, intriguing audiences both new & established. Whether you’re a large organization, small company, or simply striking out on your own - I provide professional, friendly, & collaborative services catered to your unique situation. I have a strong background in branding + photography & understand that having a stunning identity matters more than ever in our rapidly changing world. That's why regardless of if it's the look & feel of a logo, the alignment of text on a poster, the lighting in a photo, or just about anything else that involves visual aesthetics - I approach each detail in the projects that I touch with an artistic expertise informed by a passion for design.

I've been working in the creative field since receiving my BA in Design + Minor in Studio Arts from San Jose State University of California in 2009. Originally from they Bay Area of California, & currently based in the city of Chicago, I'm usually in front of my computer or behind my camera in my home studio. Aside from geeking out creatively, I love traveling our beautiful planet, practicing yoga, listening to weird music, & drinking craft cocktails.

“The life of a designer is a life of fight. Fight against the ugliness." - Massimo Vignelli


Wedding photography for Jesse Lava & Emily Moen featured in Chi Thee Wed

Portrait photography for Elle Casazza featured in Voyage Chicago

Location, interior, & detail photography for Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea published in Forbes

Location, interior, & detail photography for Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea published in Zagat 

Location, interior, & detail photography for Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea published in Zagat

Location, interior, & detail photography for Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea published in Imbibe Magazine

Graphic design, layout, & photography for January 2015 edition of Craftposium Magazine

Food photography & styling for Protein Bar Restaurants published in Thrillist

Food photography & styling for Protein Bar Restaurants published in Refinery29



Bonnaroo 2013 VIP Artist Compounds


Bow Truss Coffee

Paperish Mess

Pilsen Vintage  


CCT Gallery

The Silver Room

The National Pastime Theater


111 Minna Gallery



Color Jam Live + Work Space

Big Umbrella Studios

Everybody's Bike Shop & Gallery

Brief Space : Metreon


The Sports Basement

Le Burge't Salon 


The Art Ark

San Jose State University Art Department


The Mill Gallery

MetaMusic Records

Cabrillo College Gallery


Life influences my art. Things that happen in my dreams & in real life show up on my canvases. I tend to tell personal stories & experiences by collaging things like drawings & photographs with different paints & inks, creating abstract, surreal scenarios. Sometimes I'll attach items I've discovered in nature or recycled objects I've collected from my daily adventures to add a special, multi-interpretational dimension to each work of art. 

I truly believe that there are no mistakes in art, only opportunities. This concept can lead me to work on a single piece intermittently for months, even years, on end. I continue to experiment by adding different mediums over time, bringing contrast & three dimensional qualities to flat surfaces. I love bright colors, the subconscious, & psychedelia - all of which I try to convey through my choices of paints, mediums, & textures. I believe in spirit animals, the power of the cosmos, & energies that we can't always see, but we can feel. These ideas are what get me started on each new work of art, & also help me decide when a masterpiece is finished.

Inspiration comes from sources both in & outside of myself every single day... From things like nature & the news, to songs, the words of a teacher, a hidden message in a dream, the hustle & bustle of the cities I visit, or just the process of creation alone. The subconscious mind, music, auras, yoga, & my ever-changing surroundings influence each thing that I make. 

Photo by Roni Rose Photography

Photo by Roni Rose Photography